May 25, 2011

Patience is for Sissies

So when I first thought about starting this blog, I thought I'd make it a weekly thing.

That way I won't be hard pressed for time. Any more frequent, and I'd be glued to the computer screen. Slaving away and making stuff up, just because I had to post something.

I also thought it would help the quality of my writing and allow me to research the claims I was making. It would make sure my work was thorough.

It turns out, I don't care about those things!

Research is for nerds.

There's an amazing thrill in making unsubstantiated claims with impunity. Refer to some research by some really smart people, once in awhile and you're set.

Turns out patience is overrated too.

And will-power? That's just lame.

So, I'm not sticking to my earlier commitment.

Some people might misconstrue this as being flaky. But the really really smart ones know that its actually for the greater good of mankind. Like I could be savings lives, for all you know.

By the way, I just realized that the plural of sissy isn't sissys. Its 'sissies'. MS Word said so.
You learn something new everyday.

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