May 22, 2011

Kings, Jacks and Noblemen: Part 2

From now on, I speak only to the jacks.

The kings, lets face it, have a good life. They always knew what they wanted. They worked for it. They got it.

They wouldn't value the flowers or the green grass if you hit them in the face with it.

Pardon my aggression.

I mean they wouldn't care if you made elderflower cordial for them or baked them a cake of grass. It just isn't what they value. The finish line is their flower and grass. These people somehow, miraculously, knew what their calling was and didn't waste anytime. They may not be at the finish line yet, but they are well on their way.

We admire the Kings from a distance, but we hate them.

Okay fine, we don't hate them.

We can't hate the Kings. They are too nice to hate. But we are a tad jealous because they knew all along. They were on the racetrack because that's where they belonged.

 The noblemen, rarely know that they are noblemen because of their inability and unwillingness to reach the depths of their hearts which long for a different finish line. Unless they are brutally honest with themselves, they will mistake themselves for Kings.

They use everything to fuel their advance to the finish line- so that they can use that victory as a self defense mechanism against those who actually have the courage to heed their true calling.

They think that constant glorification of their victory will plug the gaping holes they feel in their achievement. Sometimes, they have been known to do this all their lives.

So we don't need to talk about the noblemen, because we can rest assured that they will talk about themselves.  They will talk about the perks at the finish line, the money there, the fame and importance they have at the finish line. The confetti and the champagne. They will talk about it all.

And will make sure their aunts and uncles talk about them. So that everyone in the fifty mile radius and beyond knows that they have reached 'the finish line'.  

 The Jacks, we need to talk about. They are just as reticent as the Kings.

What's important is that they reach their finish line, not that everyone else knows that they've reached it. That's what likens them to the Kings and differentiates them from the noblemen.

More importantly, we need to talk about them because- they are the most misunderstood breed. 

They are alone, often.
They are judged, especially by the noblemen.
And sometimes, the roar of the race in the background makes them doubt themselves and the path they have chosen.

This is where I'll end this excruciating analogy of horses, flowers, grass and finish lines. Before I confuse myself.

If you haven't already guessed:


Part 3 is coming sooner than you think. Maybe sooner than you'd like.
Suspense isn't my thing. How did you guess?
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