September 5, 2011

UMAI Update or Not. Whatever.

So I was thinking the other day, that - I've been talking on and on and on about what I think- day in and day out... on this blog.

I guess as a documenting system, that's not such a bad idea.
Maybe not even as a brain-paragliding exercise.
And it's a LOT of fun doing the little drawings-
and I absolutely L-UHHHH-VE the coloring part.

Oh, I'm 27…
Turning 28 soon.
I don't know why everyone asks me that every time I mention coloring.
I just don't get what I'm missing…

Anyway, I was thinking, there's no saying whether I'm right or wrong.
I mean I talk like I know everything about everything.
But who's to say I know anything about anything.
You know?!?
Okay… not really.
I understand.
I'll put it differently.

I mean you have to have proven credentials of being a good person or a successful person to be able to tell people to do what they love… or follow their hearts… or how to do anything of that sort.

And I'm as far away from successful as I could possibly be right now.

Even by the most merciful and accommodating standards of success, I'm kind of close to the bottom.

And even though, I have hope… for the future… and I feel like I'm working towards it…
Hope doesn't give me a credential certificate.

A certificate to air my views- and be all self-righteous about it.

So I've been trying to read signals from the universe, UMAI style, to ask it-

What am I meant to be??! What am I meant to do for the world?!

I've dipped my fingers in like 80 million things and I've liked them all. I've been told I've got potential in all… but that’s really not solving the problem.
Actually, it's a little more on the confusing side than on the solving side.

So last night, while I was sleeping, I closed my eyes and I saw stuff.
Like little drawings… in the darkness behind my eyelids.

It seemed like a message… from the universe.
A cryptic one though…

I figured since the universe is giving me the answer to a very important and pertinent question, it's probably trying to mystify things before it simplifies things….

The universe can do that sometimes… if it feels like it.

So I watched the patterns for sometime.
They were pretty.
They had this kaleidoscopic quality- except it was all in black and white.

So I need help figuring this one out…
The message from the universe looked a little like this…

Is the universe confused?
Or is it just messing with me?
If this post has shaken your confidence in the UMAI technique… ignore it.
If this post has raised doubts of my sanity… ignore it.
If this post has prompted you to pick up your phone and report me… ignore it.

Basically… ignore this post.
It was just a bit of random information that I thought I would share.

Did I say information!?!?
I meant… nonsense.

Heh. Heh.

I'm going to go now.
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